2015 Scheduling Rumors

We have our first bit of news regarding the 2015 NPSL Midwest Regional schedule, and things are a bit confusing.

The region includes 13 teams, who will compete in a single table rather than being split into conferences. The top four finishers will qualify for the Midwest playoffs, with the regional champion earning a spot in the NPSL national semifinals.

That part seems pretty straightforward, until you get to the part about some teams playing each other three times, and others not at all. Here’s a good infographic that attempts to break it down (via 6th City Syndicate).

A more balanced approach would be to have each team play one game against each of the other twelve, but that would create other issues with travel, deciding who gets to host each game, etc. As of today, nothing is set in stone, so there will be a more in-depth analysis once things are finalized. Last year’s schedule came out in early February, so we’ve probably got about a month to wait and speculate.


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