City Ownership Eyeing NASL?

An interesting tidbit popped up this weekend in a radio interview of Indy Eleven President Peter Wilt (Thanks to the posters on the DCFC Subreddit for doing the legwork):

“We met with the ownership of the Detroit City group that’s currently in the NPSL that has interest in joining the NASL down the road. They came to a game last year to see what we’re about and to learn more about the NASL and they were suitably impressed and hopefully they can make progress there. I think Detroit would be a great rival.”

(Relevant section begins at 25:30)

Supporters, including myself, have speculated over the medium to long-term future of the club and this may be the first piece of concrete evidence that ownership is actively seeking a move up. The monetary cost remains the main obstacle to any “promotion,” but given the growth from the 2012 to now, a jump in divisions seems more and more attainable with each passing year. The next two to three seasons may very well decide whether DCFC will remain a local phenomenon or if its profile can be raised to a national level.


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