Update on Keyworth

New information on the proposed Keyworth Stadium renovation via The Hamtramck Review:


In summary:

  • The current plan proposed by DCFC ownership includes structural improvements, replacing the current artifical turf with natural grass, construction of restroom and/or concession facilities, and putting in a practice field, possibly in the open space between Keyworth and the baseball stadium to the east.


  • The cost of the plan is now at $3 million, triple the initial estimate that came out in October.
  • The plan is for DCFC to move in for next season.

It’s now clear that Keyworth is ownership’s plan A, and probably plan B and C. Getting an outside investor/sponsor was always going to be necessary due to the price of renovations, now with the estimate up to $3 million, it’s absolutely essential. How soon those investors get lined up may determine whether or not the goal of moving the team in for the 2016 season is realistic.

If the move to Keyworth is going to happen, it would be best to happen as soon as possible to allow for continued crowd growth. The club already stands to lose tens of thousands of dollars this year from turning people away at the gate, and the problem will only worsen if City has to continue at Cass in 2016.


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  1. Hope it all works out. Would love the move to Keyworth if for nothing other than Polish restaurants nearby.

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