2015 Title Sponsor


As you may have heard, Tuesday marked the announcement of Detroit City FC’s first ever title sponsor, Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers. To clear up any confusion, this deal is not with the Chevrolet mothership, but the marketing association of all the local dealers in the metro.

The Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Local Marketing Association (LMA) is comprised of 38 Chevrolet dealerships in Southeastern Michigan. It is the MDCD mission to take an active role in local communities and to support the Metro Detroit area by featuring local events, venues, bands, charities and people in its marketing campaigns.

Without a doubt, this is a major accomplishment for City’s front office. They get a prestigious, world-recognizable brand on the front of their team’s shirts, while at the same time bringing in what is likely the largest single revenue source in club history. According to this sponsorship packet (uncovered by someone much more skilled in the arts of internet sleuthing than yours truly), 2015 Title Sponsorship comes with a price tag of $75,000. Adding in the two back of shirt sponsors (a mere $25,000 apiece), total kit sponsorship revenue comes to $125,000, which is easily more than the vast majority of NPSL clubs generate in total yearly revenue.

This is just one more sign of the incredible growth the club has made in its short existence, and a further indication of the owners’ intentions when it comes to the future. Some may see it as the first real intrusion into a club that has, to this point, remained mostly untouched by large corporate influences, but I don’t share this opinion. Everything I’ve seen over the past 3+ years points to a front office that is chiefly concerned with having a positive effect on the local community and building something that is a source of pride rather than one of personal enrichment. The savvy with which this particular sponsorship was secured is just one more piece of evidence pointing toward a bright future for City and those who support it.


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