Season Preview 2015: The Golden Age of Piracy


Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you.
– Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

To me, the most compelling characters in history are not emperors or monarchs, great explorers, or even brilliant scientists and inventors. The stories of Genghis, Magellan, and Tesla are fascinating, but they pale in comparison to those of another group: rebels.

What makes rebels, rogues, and renegades so captivating is that they’re often people of humble origins who reject the constraints placed upon them to live their lives as they see fit. Among the more romanticized members of this group are the pirates of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

While a good number of pirates were unapologetic murderers and rapists, many of them abided by a different code, democratically electing their captains, dividing the spoils evenly among the crew, and prohibiting the harming of women and children during raids. Their high point came in the early 1700’s with the advent of the Pirate Republic, a loose confederation that effectively brought Caribbean shipping and colonial activity to a standstill for a decade.

The group was diverse, consisting not only of former European sailors, but also freed slaves, Native Americans, and women. In operating by their pirate code, they gained a great deal of support and sympathy among the common folk of the colonies, despite the Royal Governors’ attempts at negative propaganda.

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Detroit City FC is the ominous black ship sailing the once-tranquil waters of American soccer. The traditionalists and defenders of the status quo flee at the sight of our banners, while their children rush to join us. Each year they fight us, and each year our numbers grow. We now have backing from one of the large local trading companies, allowing the tales of our exploits to be spread far and wide.

Those who would oppose us do so by attempting to imitate our very methods. If the old saying is true, then City is undoubtedly the most flattered club around.


This is our golden age. While bigger opportunities may come our way sooner rather than later, we will always remember our humble beginnings as a small band of forgotten sons and daughters from the land that was left for dead. I will never tell tell you what to do or to think, but I would advise you to savor the moment. What we have now may not last much longer in its current form.

We have a small but sturdy ship, a stoic captain, an experienced first mate and his hearty crew, and a lusty band of scalawags. Our noise and smoke are our weapons, and our flag is known to all. Our chests are open and it is treasure that we seek.


Time to plunder.


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  1. Cruising the placid waters indeed. I have savored every moment in the stands. It is special. Lightning in a bottle. When we bear our arms on St. Crispin’s Day. Well Done Good Sir!

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