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Saturday, June 20th, 2015 – Detroit City FC 3, Cincinnati 1

Photo by Michael Kitchen

Whether you’re old or young, male or female, sinner or saint, the reality of the modern human experience is that much of your life will consist of drudgery. Sitting in traffic, waiting in lines, spending the bulk of your day at a job that, if you’re lucky, doesn’t suck too hard – these things are typical to most of our lives. Put it all together and things can get a bit frustrating. Throw a little adversity and a couple personal troubles on top and it can feel overwhelming.

What makes life livable are the golden moments that occur in the midst of this daily grind. They may be found in the ecstasy of love and companionship, the thrill of new sights and experiences, or simply by losing yourself in a hobby or activity for which you have true passion. One moment of bliss can make all the difficulties of the previous weeks or months seem like distant memories.

One of the main reasons we watch sports is that, unless your team is utter trash, they can provide us with those precious moments of spontaneous joy. That’s why we subject ourselves to, for instance, driving through hours of highway construction and absurdly low speed limits with barely a sight to see. We know that at the end of the journey there’s a chance, however small, that we might see something special and feel THAT feeling once again.

Photo by Dion Degennaro
Photo by Dion Degennaro


Random Thoughts

The Game As I predicted and hoped for at the beginning of the season, the team appears to be coming together after a couple of early-season hiccups. They were clearly the better team on Saturday as well as last week at Minnesota Utd. Reserves, and getting 4 points out of two road games which each featured highly questionable red cards is a big accomplishment.

City wasn’t able to generate much in the first half, but absolutely dominated the last 30 minutes of the game, especially after going down a man. The bulk of their chances and pressure were generated from Will Mellors-Blair and Alex Isaevski combining down the left wing. The team ended up scoring 3, but with a hit post and a couple other near misses, it easily could’ve been 4 or 5.

The Refs Speaking of the red cards, I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t already been said dozens of times. We’ve grown accustomed to ridiculous refereeing decisions over the years, and until we move up to a higher league, it’s unrealistic to expect things to change. That being said, as a league that’s one step below the professional level, things like this are unacceptable:

CHe4VNwUMAAkmB0.jpg large

If someone is too young to be an official at a high school match, he should not be part of a crew that’s calling a match between teams of grown men.

PirmannWear™ I’ve been slacking off in this department lately, so here’s a double dose: (both photos by Michael Kitchen)

Daydreaming Caesar Photo by Michael Kitchen
Daydreaming Caesar
Reflective Caesar
Reflective Caesar

False Alarm Yes the Cincinnati Fire Department really showed up: four trucks in total, in response to the dozen or so smokesticks set off simultaneously after Danny Dragoi’s go-ahead goal.

...because of this.

“That time the fire department showed up because of our smoke,” will now go down in City lore and be remembered by everyone who witnessed it.

Up Next This coming weekend is crucial – first up is another road trip to a weak team that should be beaten (Fort Pitt), and then there’s the rematch against Lansing at home. A win on Friday and any result on Sunday would put City in very good position to secure a playoff spot.


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