Who Will Get the Armband?

Photo by Michael Kitchen
Photo by Michael Kitchen

The Favorite: Barring any surprises or injuries, City’s next captain will be Dave Edwardson. He was the first choice to wear the armband this year whenever Josh Rogers wasn’t in the lineup, and his combination of experience and workrate in midfield make him the obvious pick.

The Contenders: After Edwardson, the most logical candidate would be Latif Alashe, one of the few players who’s been on the roster since 2012. He took the role of captain in the second half of the regular season finale and will likely see more of that duty next year whenever Edwardson is out.

Rounding out the top three, Seb Harris saw more of the field this season than in 2014 and really grew into a key player on the back line. With Rogers’ departure, he will have to assume a greater degree of leadership over the defense, regardless of his title.

The Wildcard: As a fan favorite, possibly THE fan favorite, Alex Isaevski would make for an interesting choice. He’s probably a bit young at this point, but he could be a serious contender the next time the captaincy is vacant.

Other Candidates: Zach Schewee, Zach Myers, Wade Allan, Danny Dragoi


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