Keyworth: Happening

The ownership group of DCFC made a presentation to the Hamtramck School Board this evening in regards to the long-rumored move to Keyworth Stadium. Things are apparently getting serious, as in: close to a done deal.


As tweeted above, a move to Keyworth for next season appears likely, meaning the upcoming friendly against Ann Arbor FC in the DPS Showcase on the 19th looks like it will be City’s final game at Cass Tech.

Additional info will be sliced and diced and hyper-analyzed as it becomes available, hopefully as soon as tomorrow. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Keyworth: Happening”

  1. It is exciting and sad at the same time. The special feel we created at Cass with the inner city feel has given the club and supporters its identity. However, the time has come to grow and that is a great thing! The location isn’t ideal but the size and style of the stadium is. Without full ownership it allows the club the flexibility to seek out or build and an even bigger home as they move up again. It also given an icon on the community a face lift and no expense to the taxpayers and will generate some buzz in the city of Hamtramck. Lets give Cass a proper goodbye on the 19th and move forward. It matters not where our club plays we are City til’ we die and will always bring the party!

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