The First Five Years – Best XI

Subs (7): Knox Cameron (ST), Keith Lough (LW/RW/Att. Mid.), Tom Catalano (Att. Mid), Kevin Taylor (CM), Nick Lewin (LB/RB/CB), Adam Bedell (CB), Jeremy Clark (GK)

Discussion: Picking the Best XI was pretty easy. The only real dilemmas I had were between Jeff Adkins and Keith Lough at winger, and Seb Harris vs. Adam Bedell at centerback. Those two matchups were about even in terms of levels of play and the impact they had on the club, so I went with Adkins and Harris based on their overall body of work.

The subs were a little more difficult. Some may object to the inclusion of Knox Cameron, but he was responsible for a bucket of goals in 2012 and 2013, and only WMB and Zach Myers were better strikers. Kevin Taylor also remains for now. One more strong season from Troy Watson could bump him out of that spot, though. At defender, I decided to drop Zeke Harris and keep Nick Lewin, who was absolutely crucial to City’s defense its first three seasons and remains the most underrated player in club history.

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