Season Preview 2017: Wrap-up

PART I: Delirium   PART II: Forwards   PART III: Attacking Mids & Wingers   PART IV: Center Midfielders   PART V: Fullbacks   PART VI: Centerbacks   PART VII: Goalkeepers   PART VIII: Team Overview   Part IX: Predictions

They Grow Up So Fast. Five Years Ago Today:

I was curious how my season previews have grown over the years, so I did a word count comparison. The results:

2014: 2335
2015: 2981
2016: 5716
2017: 8838

I’m sorry I let you all down by falling short of 10k. I’ll try to get there next year.

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I’ll end this 2017 Season Preview with a little sample of his work:

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