About the Club

Name: Detroit City Football Club (Abbreviated: Detroit City FC, DCFC, City)

Nickname: Le Rouge (French for The Red)

The team’s nickname is an homage to Detroit’s history, specifically its French roots. Founded in 1701, “Detroit” (French for the strait) refers to the strait linking Lake Erie with Lake St. Clair.

Some unofficial alternative meanings to the nickname have been put forward by supporters, referencing the Rouge River that runs through southeast Michigan, as well as the Nain Rouge, the mythical red devil said to appear in Detroit before a disaster or unfortunate event.


The crest incorporates The Spirit of Detroit, an iconic downtown statue.


Background: Detroit City FC was founded by five Detroit professionals who became acquainted through the Detroit City Futbol League, a local rec league made up of teams from historic Detroit neighborhoods.

Detroit City FC brings soccer culture and excitement back to downtown

Interview with Detroit City FC co-owner Sean Mann

Over its short history, the club has become well-known for its passionate supporters and strong attendance numbers. To many, City embodies the incredible grass-roots growth currently taking place at the lower levels of soccer in the United States.