Since its inception in 2012, Detroit City FC has gained a significant following and become one of the best-supported clubs in American soccer, despite playing at a fourth-tier level. Partnered with a long list of local businesses and made up chiefly of players who were born and raised in the Detroit area, the club is just one of a growing number of success stories coming out of America’s most maligned city.

In addition to providing analysis and commentary on the team, my goal is to write a narrative of DCFC and the movement that has sprung up around it. It’s my sincere hope that anyone who reads this blog five or ten years from now will be able to follow the story of the club from year to year and gain at least some understanding of what it means to me and those who share this passion. Down the line, my ultimate aim is to write a Fever Pitch-style book as a gift to my fellow supporters. If mine turns out to be 1% as good as Nick Hornby’s, I will consider that an unqualified success.

It’s become clear to me that something special is happening in Detroit, and its story needs to be told.

– Andrew Goode