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In just over two months Detroit City FC will open its 2018 preseason and I’ll begin my fifth full year of covering the club via Boys In Rouge. From the beginning, I’ve focused primarily on telling the story of the club and providing my best amateur analysis of what happens on the field. Now, thanks to a new partnership, I’ll be able to do even more.

In an effort to expand and diversify BIR’s content, I’ve teamed up with Robert Sherman. Robert has spent the last two seasons covering the NPSL Great Lakes Region for his site, For the Love of Fútbol. With that project coming to an end, he’s currently working on Resurget Magazine as its Editor-in-Chief, as well as doing some kick-ass photography:

In addition to contributing equally awesome photos to this site, Robert will be doing on-field interviews, writing post-match reports, and whatever other cool stuff we happen to think up.

Welcome Robert!

Number Crunchin’: 2017 Attendance

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Photo by Dion Degennaro
Photo by Dion Degennaro

Your annual look at Detroit City FC’s home attendance numbers.

Links to previous editions:     2013     2014     2015     2016

Data Sources:

Detroit City FC attendance numbers are announced at matches and posted to the club’s official Twitter account.

For this year’s NASL and USL numbers I’ve used Soccer Stadium Digest.


Previous home attendance averages (competitive matches only):

2012: 1295  CLICK HERE for game-by-game table
2013: 1715  CLICK HERE for game-by-game table
2014: 2857  CLICK HERE for game-by-game table
2015: 3528  CLICK HERE for game-by-game table
2016: 5208  CLICK HERE for game-by-game table

Final numbers for 2017:

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The Mouse

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Photo by Jon DeBoer
Photo by Jon DeBoer

One evening in the summer
Beneath the lights and smoke
A Battle of the Titans
Le Rouge and Mighty Oak

From Arbor over yonder
Unto the City gate
What brought the two together
Was nothing less than fate

The Red they started quickly
Striking once and then once more
Immortality was within their grasp
A place in City lore

But then The Tree responded
‘Our roots are deep and strong
Before this day is over
Our name shall be in song’

A blow and then another
The lead had been erased
A chilling silence filled the air
And worry marked each face

The warriors surged now back and forth
Deep on into the night
Then just inside the old south wall
One sought to end the fight

The Mouse was what they called him
For in stature he was small
But in this deadly game of foot
He was greatest of them all

The ball fell slowly to his Right
He took his chance with skill
His strike found home; He wheeled off
To celebrate the kill

The long-awaited day had come
The Tree had been chopped down
For forty days and forty nights
Joy swept through the old town

The hero’s name was Mondi
For ever tell his tale
That your children’s children speak it still
When they are old and frail

Heart and Soul

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Photo by Nick Miko

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 – Detroit City FC 0 Midland-Odessa 0 (4-2 Midland on penalties AET)

Photo by Nick Miko

In the lead-up to this match my nerves were perfectly normal and I felt strangely calm. In my mind the Midwest title that had been won the week before was the #1 goal for the season and capturing it meant the year was an unqualified success. Finally getting over that hump, especially in such dramatic fashion, was so satisfying that anything after the fact would feel like mere icing on the cake.

That’s what I told myself, and I think I believed it for about 15 minutes. Once the match got going and we found ourselves once again in the heat of the moment, though, that whole line of thought melted away. I don’t remember when it happened or what precipitated it – maybe one of Fernando Pina’s incredible saves, maybe one of the referee’s dumbfoundingly puzzling decisions, maybe a chance of our own – but I distinctly remember thinking, “Damn, I really want this.”

Once that feeling bubbled up, it only kept growing. With every close call for either team and every awful call, this felt like life and death by the time the hour mark rolled around. The last 10 minutes plus extra time and the penalty shootout, while enthralling, were also agonizing.

Now, the day after, the mind races with all the what-ifs and what could’ve beens. That’s the way this thing works. One day you decide to check out a match, then, like a heavy-duty narcotic, one hit hooks you forever. Pretty soon you’re waking up in a cold sweat thinking about that one chance that hit the bar or the one that was cleared off the line.

Taking it in from a thousand foot view, these were two very good teams who played dead even and were only separated by the slimmest of margins. That may not soothe the raw, stinging sensation that heartbreaking losses tend to cause, but I feel it’s worthwhile to put things in perspective. One year ago Detroit City finished its season with a 4-4-4 record, missing the playoffs and setting up a long, dark, dreary offseason. Today we’re fresh off of the most successful season in club history, capped by (with all due respect to the Rust Belt Derby) the first piece of silverware.

Perhaps just as important, the early days when we used to worry about DCFC’s year-to-year viability as a club are far in the rearview. Additionally, throughout all the speculation and hand-wringing about the Gilbert-Gores MLS venture, City and its supporters have simply kept grinding on. With each passing year, the club wins more and more hearts, more firmly entrenches itself as a staple of the community, and inspires more dedication and loyalty.

Whether the jump to a professional league happens in time for 2018 or the NPSL purgatory continues, there’s no reason to believe those trends won’t continue.

The roots grow deeper every year.

Photo by Robert Sherman